Pattern baldness

The ‘cure’ for baldness assumes that this condition is a disease. But why are males subject to pattern baldness, whereas women are not? Given that both men and women have nipples, could this disparity be be attributable to evolutionary pressures forced by environmental factors?

With a severe drop in temperature during glacial episodes, humans were forced to cover their bodies in animal furs and simultaneously find shelter either in caves or in man-made structures.

In cold weather, edible plant matter was scarce and humans needed to hunt animals, both as a source of protein as well as a source of fur for warmth. Hunters had to ‘rug-up’ in order to withstand exposure to intense cold for extended periods and the wearing of protective head coverings would have been paramount, given that the human body loses most of its heat from the top of the head.

In the heat of the chase and the carrying of booty back to the cave/shelter, the hunters would perspire and their bodies slowly adapted to this overheating by shedding the hair on the head. However, bald men still have beards, since bouts of heavy breathing necessitated faces to be exposed. Because hunting parties were primarily all-male, their gender became predisposed to pattern baldness.

Both the hunters and the non-hunters shed most of their body hair due to the continuous wearing of fur coverings but those that did not participate in hunting … the women and ill-suited men … remained in their caves/shelters with bare heads and as a consequence did not develop the hereditary predisposition to pattern baldness.

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