Job opportunities for new graduate geologists

How does a new graduate geologist break into the mining/exploration professions? After a lot of rejections for the lofty position of ‘Geologist’, the trick is to find a job as a field assistant because one thing that employers really, really like is field experience and the more remote the projects, the better. The pay can be surprisingly good.
A show of a real interest in the work is soon noted and helping geologists (or geophysicists, chemists, drillers or even engineers) with more mundane tasks will definitely not go astray. A lot of the tasks that field professionals are called upon to do are mundane but they have to be done and a new graduate (working as a field assistant) will pick up priceless experience and great allies.
The title is not important: it’s the field experience that really counts.


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One Response to Job opportunities for new graduate geologists

  1. Mark Lowcock says:

    Well said Bob!
    It was as a Field Assistant under your tutelage that I stumbled across the famous Mark Lowcock Memorial Micro Nugget. The fame of this find provided a tremendous fillip for my career, eventually leading to me becoming CEO of Bowen’s leading construction company.
    I can also testify to that great mine of knowledge that is your average Field Assistant. Discovery
    of this resource is easy, provided you locate the correct Hotel.

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