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Note on palagonite from Iceland

 Note on palagonite from Iceland Advertisements

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The Origin of Carbon Dioxide

Planet Earth started out as a blob of plasma and over time developed a rocky carapace enveloped by an atmosphere now composed (on a dry basis) of 78.1% nitrogen, 20.9% oxygen and 0.9% argon, In addition, water vapor (H2O) comprises … Continue reading

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The Politics of Perception

With the steady draining of population from rural areas to large towns and cities, it only takes one generation to become acclimated to the new urban environment and only one beyond that for grandchildren to be divorced from the quaint … Continue reading

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Resource Doldrums

Published in: The Australian Geologist, Newsletter # 175, June 2015, p.8 The weeping and gnashing of teeth over the ‘dismal” state of the market for mining equities and the high unemployment/underemployment rate among exploration geologists is the result of what … Continue reading

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Geology by Consensus

Published in The Australian Geologist, Newsletter #167, June 2013, pp11-12 It was only in 1963 that US geologist Gene Shoemaker noted the surficial similarities between underground nuclear detonation sites at Yucca Flats, Nevada and the Barringer Crater in neighboring Arizona. … Continue reading

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The city of Venice in Italy’s north-eastern region is a ‘must’ for visitors interested in history, art, good food, rising sea levels and sinking civilizations. November is a good time to drop in, as most establishments are still open, tourists … Continue reading

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Sam Carey and His Medal – Published in The Australian Geologist, Newsletter #173, p.8, December 2014

In establishing the SW Carey Medal, the GSA has acknowledged the stature of a great Australian geologist though it is a pity that it dispenses such an honor without paying much attention to – or lending any credence to – … Continue reading

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