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Resource Doldrums

Published in: The Australian Geologist, Newsletter # 175, June 2015, p.8 The weeping and gnashing of teeth over the ‘dismal” state of the market for mining equities and the high unemployment/underemployment rate among exploration geologists is the result of what … Continue reading

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Job opportunities for new graduate geologists

How does a new graduate geologist break into the mining/exploration professions? After a lot of rejections for the lofty position of ‘Geologist’, the trick is to find a job as a field assistant because one thing that employers really, really … Continue reading

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Working for ‘The Man’

Those of us who live in a democracy, ‘work for the man’ because we choose to: if you want a nice, well-paid, steady job within a secure social cocoon then the mining industry is not for you. The resources business … Continue reading

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