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Note on palagonite from Iceland

 Note on palagonite from Iceland Advertisements

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The Origin of Carbon Dioxide

Planet Earth started out as a blob of plasma and over time developed a rocky carapace enveloped by an atmosphere now composed (on a dry basis) of 78.1% nitrogen, 20.9% oxygen and 0.9% argon, In addition, water vapor (H2O) comprises … Continue reading

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Resource Doldrums

Published in: The Australian Geologist, Newsletter # 175, June 2015, p.8 The weeping and gnashing of teeth over the ‘dismal” state of the market for mining equities and the high unemployment/underemployment rate among exploration geologists is the result of what … Continue reading

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The city of Venice in Italy’s north-eastern region is a ‘must’ for visitors interested in history, art, good food, rising sea levels and sinking civilizations. November is a good time to drop in, as most establishments are still open, tourists … Continue reading

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Sam Carey and His Medal – Published in The Australian Geologist, Newsletter #173, p.8, December 2014

In establishing the SW Carey Medal, the GSA has acknowledged the stature of a great Australian geologist though it is a pity that it dispenses such an honor without paying much attention to – or lending any credence to – … Continue reading

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Solar radiation, cosmic radiation and the Forbush Decrease

This phenomenon dovetails with Henrik Svensmark’s theory that cloud formation is directly related to cosmic radiation: Forbush Decrease – NASA

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The Cloud Mystery – research by Henrik Svensmark

The following website is the first of five episodes of what is some remarkable science, just when we thought that we knew everything: The episodes easily follow one another with a simple click of the mouse and are roughly 10 … Continue reading

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