Job opportunities for new graduate geologists

How does a new graduate geologist break into the mining/exploration professions? After a lot of rejections for the lofty position of ‘Geologist’, the trick is to find a job as a field assistant because one thing that employers really, really like is field experience and the more remote the projects, the better. The pay can be surprisingly good.
A show of a real interest in the work is soon noted and helping geologists (or geophysicists, chemists, drillers or even engineers) with more mundane tasks will definitely not go astray. A lot of the tasks that field professionals are called upon to do are mundane but they have to be done and a new graduate (working as a field assistant) will pick up priceless experience and great allies.
The title is not important: it’s the field experience that really counts.


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Solar radiation, cosmic radiation and the Forbush Decrease

This phenomenon dovetails with Henrik Svensmark’s theory that cloud formation is directly related to cosmic radiation:

Forbush Decrease – NASA

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The Cloud Mystery – research by Henrik Svensmark

The following website is the first of five episodes of what is some remarkable science, just when we thought that we knew everything:

The episodes easily follow one another with a simple click of the mouse and are roughly 10 minutes each in duration.

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Working for ‘The Man’

Those of us who live in a democracy, ‘work for the man’ because we choose to: if you want a nice, well-paid, steady job within a secure social cocoon then the mining industry is not for you. The resources business regularly cycles from boom to bust and back again: in good times it pays very well but in bad times it will dump you unceremoniously, and with frightening speed, on the unemployment mullock heap.

Then when things pick up again, a depressingly low pay usually comes with a seemingly demeaning job description, but nevertheless, infinitely more interesting than driving a cab, washing dishes or working behind a check-out counter.

Working for large companies no longer guarantees a job-for-life, due to factors such as fickle commodity markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions, the NIMBY syndrome, perplexing machinations of capital markets and the nefarious maneuvers of the Masters of the Universe on Wall Street. At the smaller end of town, job security simply does not exist, not even as an illusion.

And yet hardy entrepreneurs still manage to hang on. And an intimate relationship can blossom with places like Peru, Mali, Khazakstan, Mongolia, etc..

So if you don’t want to ‘work for the man’, become a consultant and work for yourself. Deploy your networking skills, team up with other like-minded souls, hustle some funds from somewhere and start an IPO. Then, if all goes well, you become ‘The Man’ … but mind you, there are no guarantees.

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QMC Company Profile – July 1987

QMC Profile – July 1987

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Western Mining Corporation and the Telfer Goldmine

Western Mining Corporation and the Telfer Goldmine

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Brisbane River flood chart

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A Curie Point

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Hot and Cold and All That Spin

Hot & Cold & Att That Spin (2007)

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Geology of Extraterrestrial Impacts (2002)

Geology of Extraterrestrial Impacts (2002)

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